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Number navigator logoNumber Navigator is a Windows Program that allows arithmetic via rows and columns. Currently it works with Windows 95 and 98 work is now under way to provide support for ALL Windows Versions.

Number Navigator enables children to record their structured arithmetic via the button bar, keyboard or switches without having to resort to the complexities of a spreadsheet. Numbers are entered from the keyboard (or switches, via SAW) into grid locations on the screen. The pupil then navigates through the grid by means of the arrow keys or the mouse.

Number navigator sample screen

Automatic navigation options are available for left and right movements as numbers are entered. There's also extra navigational tools to assist with addition and multiplication for add and carry movements on the grid. Letters and numbers can be entered in super or subscript sizes and lines can be drawn around any numbers or blocks of figures. The size of the grid can be changed to suit the user, as can the colour of the writing, grid and paper. This grid can be removed for printing.

Number Navigator links to AccessMath and work can be freely copied between the two programs.

Switch users can access to this program through specialised SAW Selection Sets.


Downloads...[Click below to Download]

Number Navigator 2.2 (English)
This version works on Windows 95/95
Number Navigator 2.2 (Swedish)
This version works on Windows 95/95
Number Navigator 2.3
Coming Soon - Will work in all Windows Versions!

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Resource Pack 1